Henan Fam Tour

Henan is an inland province of China and has made enormous contributions to the development and civilization of the Chinese nation. Henan Province has always been praised as “a Portrait of China’s Historic Culture” and “a Living Chinese History Museum”. Among china’s 8 ancient capitals, 4 are in Henan, namely, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Anyang and Zhengzhou. The number of underground cultural treasures ranks first in China, that of the above ground second. The number of cultural treasures in Henan covers one eighth of the total number in China. Besides Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, Henan has 54 cultural treasure protection units which can be called “National Treasure”.
Buddhist temples in the Northen Wei Dynasty, grottoes in the Sui and Tang dynasties, city of the Northern Song Dynasty, countless temples in the Ming and Qing dynasties, Lonmen Grottoes, one of the three grotto treasures in China, Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng, the first temple in China , the Song Dynasty style street in Kaifeng, the most prosperous city in the world during the Song Dynasty style street in Kaifeng, the most prosperous city in the world during the Song Dynasty, Yin Ruins in Anyang, the birthplace of oracle – bones inscriptions and former residence of Yellow Emperor in Xinzheng, a holy place of overseas Chinese to seek roots and pay tribute to ancestors are only some representatives. Shaolin Temple is also the birth-lace of famous Shaolin Kungfu, Chenjiangou in Wenxian is the birthplace of Chen Style Taijiquan. The Yellow River, the mother river of the Chinese nation, and Songshan Mountain, one of the 5 holy mountains in China, are representatives of Henan’s natural landscapes.
Tour Highlights:
*Official Delegate-2013 the 8th Central China Expo
* 4 Major Capital Cities of Ancient Chinese Dynasties
* Longmen Grottoes-UNESCO World Heritage
* Chenjiagou-The Birth Place of Tai Chi
* Shaolin Monastery-Superb Shaolin Martial arts And much more…

Day 1

Arrived in Henan

Arrived in Yuncheng, pick up at airport and transfer to hotel in Sanmenxia, then drive to the Main Venue of Sanmenxia Central China Expo
Bauhinia Palace Hotel or similar

Day 2


Pick up at hotel and transfer to participate in the activities of the Central China Expo and the Yellow River Tourism Festival, and then transfer to visit the Guo State’s Tomb Museum. This museum is one of the important units of historic
Bauhinia Palace Hotel or similar

Day 3


Pick up at hotel and transfer to Luoyang city, visit The world renewed Longmen Grottoes, then continue to visit The WhiteHorse Temple-it is the earliest Buddhist temple officially built in china. At last visit the Emperor's Chariot Drawn by Six Horses Museum
Peony Hotel or similar

Day 4


Pick up at hotel and transfer to Jiaozuo, visit the Yuntai Mountain Scenic Spots-Yuntai Mountain has has edged onto the China National Natural Heritage Candidate List due to its unique geological landforms, rich natural resources and cultural relics. Then continue to visit birth place of Taijiquan-the Chenjiagou Chen-style Taiji Boxing
Shanyangjianguo Hotel or similar

Day 5

Jiaozuo/Kaifeng Danxia Mountain

Pick up at hotel and transfer to Kaifeng, visit the Park with “Up the river on Chingming Festival” Views, The Iron Tower, Grand Xiangguo Monastery and Dragon Pavilion.
Jinyuan Hotel or Similar

Day 6


Transfer to Dengfeng, visit the Shaolin Monastery–a national AAAAA scenic spot, it is famous both at home and abroad not only for its legendary Buddhism Culture, but also for its superb Shaolin Martial arts, then continue to visit the Pagoda Forest at last drive to Zhengzhou city visit the Zhengzhou Henan Museum-one of China’s three major museums
Yalexuan Hotel or similar

Day 7


After breakfast, free activity then pick up at hotel and transfer to airport for flight.
*We reserve the right to modify the itinerary, hotels etc. based on the accidental factor.