About Our Business

Ananda was established in 1989 in San Francisco. The Company consists of two branches: Ananda (USA) and Ananda Travel Services Inc. At Ananda, customer service and satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Business scope and scale

Ananda (USA) operations include Sino-American cooperation, international education, business promotion, investment consulting, environmental technology, brand promotion, wine import, multimedia production investment, etc.
Ananda Travel Services Inc. is the world's largest Pacific Rim and U.S. tourism operators. As one of the leading positions in the U.S. travel industry, we offer our customers personalized tours, with the goal of providing the simplest and most comfortable way to travel. Our company’s tourism business include the United States, Australia, Canada, Dubai, China, Southeast Asia and other regions.


Member of ASTA in America
Member of NTA in America
Member of ARC in America
Member of IATA


Development strategy

Ananda was founded for more than 20 years, with the goal of providing the best customer satisfaction. Our innovative spirit, market-oriented reforms, enterprise system, allow us to offer the best services. Utilizing an adaptive business structure, innovative business model, and resource management, establishes the company’s competitiveness in the market. Ananda is aiming to reshape and expand travel planning services into other markets by promoting tourism developments in major industries. Our goal is to be one of the largest international tour operators.

Corporate Culture

Core Concept - Customer is our first priority Quality Concept - Quality is the company's brand image, soul, and value. Market Philosophy - Customer demands are the starting point and ending point of the company's operating activities. Service Concept - Professional, Convenient, Simple, and Reliable. These are the ideals that build the foundation of our company and keep our customers satisfied.